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    An smart thermal grid from renewable energies


Naturally available energy at all times

Based on the principle of using free heat, naturally available . We use the soil to produce, store and distribute heat using a water loop as a means of transportation.

The heat pumps (HP) connected to the loop thus benefit from a stable temperature throughout the year, making it possible to reach (or even exceed) their maximum Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Complementary heat sources (always free and natural) make it possible to supply aditional  thermal kWh requirements.

Each subscriber has a WATeBOX™ responsible of installation monitoring  and flows control.

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The volume of the loop and heat exchange can store, transport and exchange a large amount of heat (a loop of 1,000 linear meaters is about 1..16 MWh. *

About 10 times less expensive than an urban heat network and 5 times less expensive to operate for an equivalent performance.

Much cheaper than a traditional urban heating network (1,500 to 3,000€/ml –
ADEME source) and much less expensive in maintenance for an equivalent performance.

* depending on the nature of the soil and its environment

Presentation of water pipe network concept associated with geothermal baskets by Watinyoo

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Whether they are wind, solar, hydro or geothermal, renewable energies are available everywhere. In addition to their availability in large quantities, they have in common their low environmental impact.

Unlike fossil energies, whose inventories are defined and therefore limited, renewable energies are continuous streams that are naturally available. Their value is therefore not linked to stock-exchange market fluctuations.

Large families of renewable energies

The solar

  • Photovoltaics
  • The high temperature thermal solar
  • The low temperature thermal solar

Wind energy

  • The production of electrical energy
  • The strength of the wind


  • Hydraulic power plants
  • Marine energies (thalassoenergy)

The biomass

  • Wood
  • STEPS (purification plants)
  • Biogas
  • Biofuels

Geothermal energy

  • Geothermal energy of great depth
  • Surface geothermal energy

The bioclimatic design

WATeBOX smart grid thermique par WATINYOO


WATeBOX™ developed by WATINYOO is a real box for thermal data exchange. It allows energy needs to be managed at the single degree while ensuring the regulation of thermal flows (from different sources of capture and production) and the pooling of resources, thus optimizing the installation performance.

Using IoT* technologies (SIGFOX) Each WATeBOX™ is connected to all sensors of the installation to which it is connected. It continuously receives the operating data from the peripheral equipment. These equipments constitute as many sources of available heat as to supplement the water loop.

In case of deficit (or excess) of heat, the WATeBOX™ will exchange, via the Cloud, with the other boxes of the same network in order to obtain the transfer of a supplement of heat, or, on the contrary, to evacuate towards a other subscriber the excessive heat available.

The use of blockchain technology for the exchange of data between the boxes makes it possible to guarantee a secure operation of the system.


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  • How to capture the heat from solar radiation?

    Roof and façade sensors provide additional degrees in winter, contributing to better performance of the system and the heat pump.

  • How does a surface geothermal loop work?

    The SGL (Surface Geothermal Loop) uses the natural heat of the ground. It allows to maintain the operating temperature of the heat pump between 5 and 15°C. If necessary, geothermal baskets provide the necessary heat or cooling.

  • What is the fatal heat?

    It is called fatal heat, the heat produced by an activity independent of the initial object. For example, the recovery of the heat contained in the sanitary wastewater (shower, baths) can be used to bring to the heat pump additional free degrees.

  • How to recover freshness in summer?

    In summer, the geothermal loop will help to dissipate excessive heat in the upper layers of the soil to improve the functioning of the heat pump.

  • How the production of renewable energies by pyrolysis works?

    By subjecting an organic matter (highly carbonated) to a high temperature, without incandescence and for a determined duration, we obtain a separation of its components (water, gas, carbon, etc. .). The treatment of organic waste by pyrolysis (green waste, household waste, step sludge, logging residues, tires, etc.), allows the production of directly usable energies such as fuel oil, gas, carbon pellets, but also some water.

  • What is a thermal smart-grid?

    An intelligent heat network (Thermal Smart-Grid) not only provides heat where and when it is needed, but also anticipates needs and improves network performance by combining complementary heat sources (fatal heat).


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